We believe that no single person, organisation or government can change the health of our planet on their own. Instead, we need everyone to make a decision in their own mind that they are prepared to make some changes within their lives to help save this beautiful blue planet we all call home.

AYVO’s part in this is to help reduce the amount of plastic that our world has to deal with each day. We achieve this by providing hygienic, easy to use, and affordable drinking stations which assist people in making the easy choice to refill instead of buying yet another single use plastic bottle.

 At AYVO our mission is to save our planet, one bottle at a time.

Ayvo pure water stations



The Ultimate… YARRA is our premium water refill station. Chilled, filtered water. Fully customisable external graphic wraps and bottle purchase functionality. YARRA has a huge 32″ digital LED screen compatible for digital messaging display or used for advertising – YARRA has it all!



Refill & connect… ISAR is a beautiful, sleek, digital water refill station. It has a cool 22″ digital LED screen, perfect to display digital messaging and for all your advertising needs.

ISAR is also fully customisable with external graphic wraps.



The multi tasker… Want chilled water for your drink bottle? And hot water for your coffee? Then COOPER is for you. It has a super sleek design that will suit any business environment. COOPER is customisable with external graphic wraps.



The Tough one… RHONE is our perfect solution for those looking for a compact and durable water station that can be operated inside and in a covered outdoor environment. RHONE is fully customisable with external graphic wraps.


Two of our stations, YARRA and ISAR, come with the latest digital LED screens.  These screens can be configured for digital messaging display or used for advertising, content can be uploaded remotely and is interchangeable. 

Promote your business or internal events, offer advertising for other businesses, brag about the amount of plastic bottles you are saving each month – with a digital screen, the opportunities are endless!